Electrolysis Hair Removal Myths And Benefits

ElectrolysisElectrolysis is a technique for expelling individual hairs from the face or body. Today’s restorative electrolysis gadgets obliterate the development focal point of the hair with compound or hotness vitality. After a fine test is embedded into the hair follicle, the hair is uprooted with tweezers.

Most territories of the body can be treated with electrolysis, including the eyebrows, face, midriff, thighs, bosoms, and legs. There are by and large no perpetual reactions, yet some of the time an impermanent, slight reddening of the skin may happen.

What Reasons Produce Undesirable Hair Development?

Hair development is the aftereffect of heredity and hormone levels. Additionally, a few medications, impermanent routines for hair evacuation, and ailments can animate hair development. Electrolysis may be an alternative when hair development is in a region of the body where it may not be wanted, for example, on a lady’s upper lip, button, or swimsuit line.

What number of Electrolysis Sessions Will I Need?

Numerous elements impact hair development, so you will need to return for a few electrolysis visits. The aggregate number of sessions expected to expel hair forever from a specific territory will shift from individual to individual. Most customers return once a week or each other week as required. In any case the undesirable hair will be gone perpetually once the arrangement of medicines is finished. Every treatment endures between 15 minutes and one hour.

Myths About Electrolysis

Myth: Electrolysis is difficult. Much of the time, electrolysis really does not result in much inconvenience. Cutting edge electrolysis techniques have lessened the uneasiness to a minor shivering. A topical sedative cream may be utilized as a part of a few cases.

Myth: The electric tweezer system is changeless. The FDA and the American Restorative Affiliation perceive just electrolysis as a perpetual technique for evacuating hair. A few states deny those utilizing or offering the electric tweezer from guaranteeing it gives changeless hair evacuation.

Myth: Transitory strategies for hair evacuation can be better. Concoction depilatories (fluids or creams) are frequently used to evacuate body hair. These items contain chafing chemicals and can be drawn out and muddled. Similarly, fades contain brutal chemicals and do little to mask dull hair. They might likewise stain skin. Waxing is an alternate brief strategy for hair evacuation and is typically done in salons. A hot wax is connected to the skin and uprooted once it has dried over the hair. The hair is peeled off when the wax is evacuated. Waxing can be agonizing and expensive. Home waxing units are accessible, yet they can be chaotic and hard to utilize. There are electrolysis gadgets accessible for home utilize, however they are regularly dangerous for utilization by any individual who is not prepared in electrolysis.


Fraxel Laser Advantages

The fraxel is a noninvasive Laser acting deep in the skin by activating the natural healing process of the resulting collagen production, i.e. the natural skin renewal. Advantage of this treatment is that it has the maximum therapeutic efficacy while maintaining the surrounding tissue intact.

In our area we have the new fraxel: restore dual having two different wavelengths: The ERBIUM (1550nm) which achieves deep penetration, and a new wavelength, the THULIUM (1927nm), which adds to the surface lesions addressing treatments . Thus, we can treat safely and successfully both superficial and deeper skin alterations, in all types of skin and whole body.

Treatments with fraxel have proven effective in the treatment of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, the skin regeneration and rejuvenation of the neck, bust and arms. Gives youthful, fresher look and smoother texture to the skin. Improves skin tone and pore size. It is also effective in the various problems caused by the sun, such as dark spots and melasma in photoaging and actinic keratiasi. Finally can improve or even eliminate acne scars and postoperative scars.

It does not require the interruption of daily activities. Depending on the type and skin problem and taking into account the social and professional obligations of each person, we can decide how we want to achieve the results of treatment. An intensive therapy requires fewer sessions. Maximum results are achieved with 3-5 sessions spaced 2-6 weeks.

What to expect after treatment

Treatment with FRAXEL causes intense skin reaction. The intensity and duration of this reaction depends on the intensity / aggressiveness of the treatment and healing ability of each skin.

These reactions are:

Swelling: You will notice some swelling after treatment FRAXEL. It usually takes two days. To reduce the swelling follow the following:
Place cold compresses on the area that was treated every hour for 10 minutes, until you go to bed
Sleep with your head held high on the first night. Use as many pads you.
Redness: Redness lasts up to five days after treatment. Immediately after the treatment is quite intense and gradually decreases. If you want, you can use makeup.
Dry skin: Can you feel your skin dry or scaly. It is possible to notice a rough texture few days after treatment FRAXEL. This occurs because the tissue which was treated slowly eliminated and the new skin is regenerated.
Floida- Peeling: When treatment with Fraxel is aimed at removing stains, discolorations or molasses, appears a thin dark floida the skin the next day after the treatment. The floida is removed slowly by itself as reconstructed skin. On the 6th day after the treatment the skin was clear from this floida completely. And in this case you can use makeup.
We should note that individuals with a history of herpes appearance in Caregivers region are at high risk of developing herpes symptoms immediately after treatment. In this case, tell the doctor to give you instructions for treating the symptoms.

How to care for your skin after fraxel laser treatment.

It is important to help your skin to return quickly and to protect it.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen advisable to provide double protection (UVA and UVB) and has an SPF of 50. The use of sunscreen should be done every 2 hours if the area in which it is treated with FRAXEL exposed to sunlight.
Hydration: The product should not be irritating and sticky, or it may develop exacerbations. During recovery, use moisturizing and regeneration products as often as possible. Consult your doctor for these products.
Exfoliate: Your skin will be very sensitive in the first week after treatment, so do not use products that cause irritation during this period. Do not use exfoliating creams or products containing glycolic acid and Vitamin A. Read the ingredients of each product.
Bleaching creams: Stop the use of bleaching cream as your skin is irritated. Use whitening cream after complete recovery of your skin.

Fractional CO2 Laser For Skin Rejuvenation

Skin regeneration with Fractional CO2 Laser

The Fractional CO2 Laser is the most promising developments in the field of non-invasive surgery, contributing to immediate reconstruction and rehabilitation skin. It is one of the leading laser with fractional photo-thermolysis technology for face and body, which causes skin regeneration, eliminating corrupted cells without destroying the protective surface layer.
It combines efficacy and safety contributing to the aesthetic restoration of the skin with spectacular results and minimal down time.

The Fractional CO2 Laser causes microscopic zones sublimation skin which clinically perceived as small dots (easily covered with make up). In this way instead of effects throughout the epidermis and wait wound to become from the deepest layers thereof, intervene in very small points deep within the skin, in a way that “mikrothermikes therapeutic areas.”
The advantage in this case is that between these areas there mikrothermikes healthy skin, which is very quick to fill the microscopic regions such that the healing of the skin to be rapidly, thus reducing considerably the downtime.

On these tiny zones skin which has suffered the effects of Laser, covered by a new better quality skin. The “therapeutic mikrothermikes zones” activate the natural production of new collagen and induce apoptosis of the aged skin cells.
Each treatment carefully selected based on the needs of each event. For surface discoloration from sun, choose more superficial treatment, and when we want to improve wrinkles, texture, relaxation and / or acne scars, choose deeper treatment. Along with the sublimation of the layers the Fractional CO2 Laser induces the creation of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, leading to reduce fine wrinkles and improve acne scars.

The possibility of individualizing therapy based on the needs of each event, is one of the many advantages of this new technology.
In which cases Fractional CO2 laser is appropriate.

  • dull skin
  • dilated pores
  • Freckles – discolorations
  • wrinkles
  • Acne Scars
  • Antiaging
  • Photoaging
  • tightening

areas of Application
The excellent accuracy of the application of Fractional CO2 Laser makes safe treatments, not only the face but also on sensitive areas such as:

  • face
  • throat
  • sternum
  • hands
  • belly

and other areas of the body (impresses with its action in the fight against stretch marks)
How many treatments are required?
To achieve best results, clinical studies suggest that on average an effective treatment requires 3 to 5 treatments with an interval of one month between. Certainly treatments are not during the summer months.

What is the feeling of the skin during and after treatment?

The treatment can be done with or without the use of topical anesthetic creams and lasts about one hour.
The person who has received the treatment feels a sensation of heat in the face for a few hours after. The skin will be irritated, and will have a pink tone for the next 2-3 days. The rash begins to decline gradually.
If the therapeutic approach chosen to be more intense, then it may take 4-5 days for recovery. This is a normal sign that the skin is treated in depth.

Also required avoiding the sun until the skin returns to normal state, which is usually about 10 days. Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, twice daily is necessary in the coming days, to protect the skin from sun exposure during treatment. Over the next few weeks the body rebuilds the deeper tissues of the skin affected by the treatment, producing lasting beneficial changes associated with a healthy, youthful appearance. In all this time allowed all activities with great care but sun exposure.


You can expect two levels of results, immediate and progressive.
Immediately after completing the first treatment, the skin will be brighter, better tone, and better consistency. Improved skin will continue and will be spectacular with the desired results are visible within 2-3 months ahead, as the deeper layers of skin continue the production of collagen.

Potential Risks of Laser Skin Tightening

If you’re looking for a firm and young looking skin using medical or chemical means, you should seriously consider the newer technologies regarding skin care like laser skin tightening. This process uses laser beams that cause the skin cells to clump together and create a smoother skin surface and reduce the appearance of the fine lines and the wrinkles. The stimulation of collagen is also encouraged by this process. Collagen is a connective skin tissue that gives a plump and healthy appearance of the skin.

Skin’s Color Changing

Because the laser disrupts the structure of skin cells beneath the surface, it also has the potential of damaging skin cells that produce melanin, which gives skin its pigment. Damaged caused by the laser beam may enhance the production of melanin and darken the skin in places or lighten it leaving the skin looking unbalanced. This is know as skin’s hyperpigmentation.


Inflammation could be caused from damage to cellular structures. This can lead to swelling. Swelling often diminishes in a few days


Skin tissue damage is caused by rupture of blood vessels that lie beneath the skin’s top layer. The severity of bruising depends on some factors like the age and area of the treatment.As with swelling, bruising often diminishes within a few days.

Medication Interactions

If you’re taking certain medications with prescription, like acne medications that contain retin-A  you may have some harmful reactions to laser skin tightening because of the interaction of drugs with the laser skin tightening treatment. Pregnant women also should avoid laser skin tightening therapies.

Laser Hair Removal At Home by Phillips Lumea

At home laser hair removal. It can be done and be professional.
No more boring process of hair removal at home with razor, wax or tweezers. I am beginning to think that it is more practical scorching we do in turkey just before putting in the oven with potatoes than anything else.
And I say this in view holidays and since I promised myself that this year, on New Year’s Eve, we will put the high-heeled sandal with bare foot as it deserves.

For this reason, and for many others, I started looking for something to help me fight against hair. Black and spider hair that covers some of the most obvious signs of my body, making my nerves explode.
And for anyone who seeks finds, and whoever turns, smells discovered IPL laser hair removal systems at home such as the Philips Lumea Essential (SC1991) that use light pulses and can apply them to my home on my couch next to my dog, my tea and quiet. Close to me and served immediately to extinction business of every annoying hair. My race was difficult. This means, however, told me how to win.Phillips Lumea

The Lumea Essential laser hair removal at home is a safe, domestic device created after 10 years of research, involving more than 2000 consumers. The Philips wanted a product that can provide the same effects as those offered by professional hair removal products that emit pulsed light and have innovative technology.
And when he puts something in her mind as Philips, is impossible not to succeed. Thus was born the Lumea Essential to have me in my hands an elegant beauty tool that promises to rid of my hair, delay too their reappearance and finally train them to not grow where no one wants.

The process is simple and pleasant as we would like to be everything in this life. Moreover, Lumea has five adjustable light settings can be applied even by the most sensitive skin! If, indeed, to use 2 times a week, in 15 days you will see significant hair reduction. If you continue to use it consistently, it will soon be doing hair growth past and present beautiful, smooth skin you’ve always dreamed.

For me, these are not just good news. It is fantastic! And this must be for you and you have dark blonde or brown hair. Why the Philips Lumea Essential with very blond and white, not doing very well as is the case with professional pulsed light machines.
With them and with them, I must tell you that already have leg silk. And, of course, not limit waxing leg as there were also other areas like care Lumea such as the underarms, bikini, belly and hands they shall not have any hair on their surface.

You are a woman and you want to always be a doll?
Think even the smallest detail of your appearance?
Want to have skin velvety enviable to everyone?
Are you the star of New Year’s Eve?

Then followed my example and make your friend the Philips Lumea Essential (SC1991). And because besides being a woman above all , do not keep Lumea just for you and reveal the secret of your success to your best friends!

You can see best reviews of other laser hair removal at home devices here: home laser hair removal devices reviews for 2015 HERE.

Some Exercises To Help Skin Tightening.

Want to avoid the appearance of fine lines – or even get rid of them – and rejuvenate your face naturally, easily, quickly and painlessly?

The guru of exercises for the face, Carol Maggio says that, with some special exercises, you can smooth wrinkles, refresh your eyes, your neck and chin and see visible results in just six days.

All you have to do is follow these simple exercises, lasting eight minutes, twice a day.

Open the eyes (stimulates the upper and lower eyelids and reduces puffiness under the eyes, making them appear larger, younger and more rested).

METHOD: “Knit” your fingers together and place them between your eyebrows. Then wrap your thumbs lightly around the outer corners of your eyes (like having a pair of sunglasses around your eyes). Close your eyes and press and pull the fingers between your eyebrows slightly upwards and your thumbs outward and upward. Do this exercise for 40 seconds.

 Rise up the lower eyelid (Tightens eye muscles, reducing dark circles and puffiness under the eyes).

METHOD: You can do this exercise either standing up or you’re lying. Place your indicators light on the outer corners of your eyes – almost to the point where you can still feel the your lower lashes. Then, look steeply upwards. You will feel the external muscles of the eye to vibrate. Look up as high as you can. Push forward your face and back your shoulders for better resistance. Repeat this exercise for 40 seconds.

Cheek Rejuvenation (Raises the facial muscles that give shape to the cheeks, while helping to “fill” any hollows under your eyes).

METHOD: Place your indicators light at the top of each cheek. Now do your lips inwards, with your mouth open, and smile with the middle of your upper lip (upper lip should be flat on your teeth). Try to keep your lips firmly. Caution: use the lips and not your jaw for this exercise. You will feel your cheeks move under your fingers. Reset your lips to their original position and repeat the exercise 20 times.

Lip Rising (The angles of the mouth begin to take downhill call with age. This exercise helps the clamping).

METHOD: Press your lips together and pull the corners of your mouth inwards. Keep this expression and place your markers at the corners of your mouth. Move your fingers up and down in place that are, until you feel a slight burning sensation in the muscles on either side of your mouth. Shake your fingers up and down quickly for 40 seconds in order to workout the specific muscles to their full potential. At the end of the exercise, blow between from your closed lips to make them vibrate, releasing any tension.

Chin stimulation. (This simple exercise will help you fight the double chin, tightening and stimulating at the same time, your skin).

METHOD: Open your mouth and make your lips inwards, so that “obscures” your teeth. Open and close your mouth five times slowly, in such a way that it is as if the corners of your mouth and your chin is connected and working together to close your mouth. Hold the final position with your mouth closed for a few seconds. Then pull your chin up toward the ceiling and hold this position once again.

Thermage for Body with only one treatment

H Thermage body treatment like facial uses a unique RF technology which passes heat deep into the skin to renew and tighten existing collagen and activate the production again.

The Thermage is monotherapy (single treatment) applied in all seasons and is independent of skin color and sunshine.

You can return to your daily chores immediately after treatment, the improvement seen immediately and completed in six months.

Knees, feet, arms and hands are points where the signs of age first appear. The Thermage developed specialized treatments to assist in smoothing and firming wrinkled, creased and loose skin in these areas of the body. Many women after childbirth or after weight loss, they want to eliminate unwanted relaxation. Treatment Body Thermage helps to firm, acquire firmness and form the arms, thighs, buttocks, waist and abdomen.